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We welcomed the arrival of our son, David, on the 29th of August 2012. We were excited to have him in our lives. As a new mom, I was diligent in teaching all I could during his first year of his life. I was what you called, ‘an anxious mom’. I did all kind of research on the various milestones of a child’s first year. As a proud mom, I wanted to give David ‘the best’, so early on I provided every opportunity for all kind of learning a child could receive to the best I knew how.

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During his first year, he did well. He was a strong and healthy happy boy. It was during his second year that he flourished. We noticed a significant difference to our amazement. He started recognizing alphabets, numbers, colors and words even before he reached 2. By the time he reaches 2 and a half years, he is a first grade reader. We are so proud of his early achievement.

In this website, we would like to share what works well for David. If what we’ve shared with you proved helpful to you and your child toward the pathway to his/her early reading, we have succeeded. Let us know, we would love to hear what you think about this method of learning.


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