Are Early Communication Signs Important?

Early Development Stage (Birth – 6months)

Some parents do not believe in the need for early communication with their infants. They believe basic communication during the early stage of development is expressed through cries. Every cry expresses different need according to them. To a certain degree, It is true that infants are very much limited to a few expressions such as cries, smiles and cooing. As it turns out, often many parents are confused because they cannot understand their babies. They tried diligently to figure out why their babies cry without much success. This can be a stress factor for parents on a daily basis, especially with a lack of sleep involved. This goes to my next question.

Are Early Communication Signs Important?

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I believe this ability to communicate comes in handy especially at the 4th month developmental stage and continue through into the child’s 2nd year developmental stage. This is a time frame where infants are getting used to a routine and sleep pattern gets more consistent. Parents are beginning to enjoy play time with their infants. This is a good time frame to begin teaching some basic communication signs with your baby. Once a baby gets a good response from mommy or daddy when he/she understands the communication sign, it is rewarding. So, he/she wants more. The more communication takes place, the tension disappears. Babies are happier and parents are less stressful.

Early communication signs are important to help infants develop a desire to communicate. Babies with Autism lack this desire to communicate. It is also a way to determine if your child desires for any form of communication. An early detection to know if a child is having some problem early on.

Assessment is not only for the professionals. Often parents are more accurate in their assessment of their child. Professionals rely a lot on the information provided by the parents. So, be assured that your assessment is often correct. If you sense something is not right, get help right away. Early intervention can save your child.

Early communication signs aid to encourage early speech in a child. When using the communication signs, accompany the words with verbal speech. Always say the word with the sign. Pause as if to get a response from your child. It encourages your child to expect a response in return. This is important to encourage speech later on.


In conclusion, early communication signs are important to the development of speech later on. Speech therapists use this form of communication to encourage speech in children with special needs as well. Therefore, due to the many benefits that come with the use of these communication signs, we can see its importance.

Finally, many young children who used this form of communication earlier in their development have proven and received its reward in full when they move forward to become early readers later on and successful individuals in their adult lives.

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