Benefits From Learning Phonic Early

Did you know the benefits from learning phonic early are tremendous? Your child picks up words, a whole new language, early reading and eventually spelling. It gives confidence and prepare your child well ahead of time for school. We share an account of how learning phonic early helps David where he is now.

Benefits from learning phonic early

David typed this on the computer screen yesterday . It amazed me how close he was to getting the spelling correct. He is now 3 years and 3 months old.

When David was 2, he became interested in numbers and alphabets and the sound that each letter made. He started viewing videos that taught alphabets’ sounds. It was his early journey in learning phonic. He watched videos from ABC Mouse and YouTube.  What kept him learning was his interest in it and it was fun for him.

Today, I see the benefits of David, learning phonic early on. It helps in his reading. He actually read at first grade when he was 2.5 years old. It helps in picking up words and now in his spelling at 3.

It’s never too late to start learning phonic. Whether your child picks up phonic earlier on or later, it’s important to begin now. You know you’ll reap the benefits like David did if you begin today.

As I’ve always said, never force learning. Know where your child is at and pick up from there. Every child is unique and special. It’s important to know your child and knows what will help and what would not.

Parents, please take heed. Remember you are the one who lead, guide and inspire your child. They need direction not discipline when it comes to their learning. Keep trying and don’t lose hope.

One day you will see and reap the benefits of your perseverance, just like potty training, do you agree?

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