‘Think Outside The Box’ Christmas Gift

Are you looking for a ‘think outside the box’ gift idea?

‘Think outside the box’ Christmas Gift

Couple of days before Christmas we were still unsure what gift to pick for David. Our budget this year was absolutely small because his dad got unemployed since the end of 2014. A tough year for all of us. We had to ‘think outside the box’ this year. So, what happened?

While we were shopping around in a Walgreen near our home, we spotted a $5 calculator. Believe it or not, we thought it would be the perfect present for our David this Christmas. David loves counting up and counting down numbers. He loves to explore. What is better for him than a calculator?

Monetary Value Doesn’t Matter

It never occurred to me that a calculator would seem so perfect for a 3-year-old. It’s an unusual gift idea for a 3-year-old. But we decided to go along this ‘think outside the box’ Christmas idea for our David. Our gift is not the most expensive, however, we do know our child well. We do know what he loves and what excites him. True enough, he loved his Christmas gift.

2 days after David received his Christmas gift, he showed mommy what he did on it. Here’s what this proud mommy reported on Facebook.

“David got disappointed that he could not count down from 100 to 0 on the calculator (his Christmas gift). Then Grandpa told him it could not be done. He was sad.. but he did not give up. Couple of days ago, he came to me and showed me how he count down from 100 to 0 on his calculator.In fact he could count down from 100 to 0 by 10 even. Amazed, I asked him to show me how he did it. Do you know how he did it? Give a guess? “


He keys in all the numbers 1-100, then he presses the +/- sign and press the = sign to see each number going from 100 back to 0. He figured it out all by himself.

If we have not decide to give him a ‘think outside the box’ gift, David may not explore and discover what he could do on a calculator. It gave us the assurance that we gave him something good this Christmas.

We hope that our story would aspire a parent to think outside the box the next time he/she shop for a gift for his/her children. It’s worth the time thinking through what’s best for that child. Have fun shopping for the best gift. Just remember to think outside the box.

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