Overcome Their Own Challenges

Overcome Their Own Challenges

To Dare Your Child To Dream Big, parents please do not belittle your child’s personal challenges, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you. Do you know your child takes on challenges on a daily or weekly basis? The ability to overcome a challenge, increases your child’s confidence. As he or she overcomes each challenge, his or her confidence arises and look forward to overcome more to find his or her place as a ‘big’ boy or girl.

Milestones Transition Sometimes, this is also how parents decide how ‘big’ their children are getting. As parents and professionals, we call it ‘milestones’, that is how they grow from one stage to the next. As parents, please take note. When your child reaches a milestone and is on the way to achieving the next, please do not stop the encouragement. It may take a while.. do not give up.

Be your child’s biggest cheerleaders, parents. A wise advice to our parents though, be as subtle or as discreet as you can. It would work out better this way.

What does it mean to belittle a child’s challenge? Sometimes, parents think whatever the child is doing is just simply wasting time. So they discourage the action. And if the child ignores it, parents put their children down in the hope to stop it. In this case, the act did not stop the child from trying again. It simply destroys the child’s worth. It is clearly not the best intent for your child.  If a parent disagrees, redirection is a better choice to replace belittling.

Personal Story

David spent several months trying to hop on the sofa with his knees while his hands stretched out on the sofa. Initially, I did not know what he was trying to do. If I thought he was goofing around, I could have stop it. But, he wanted to get it right. When he finally did it, he was so proud. He  knew he achieved something ‘big’ because he overcame it. Another ‘big boy’ moment.. to him.

Why is it important for parents to encourage their children to overcome their own challenges? Every time a child overcomes a challenge, significant or not, it gives a sense of achievement to that child. The more they overcome their own challenges, the greater confidence they have. The more they will learn to welcome challenges in your lives as they enter adulthood. It teaches our future young adults not to give up in the face of their personal life challenges. It also takes away the fear as they overcome the challenge one at a time.

Parents, do not take on the challenge and solve it for your children. Let them own their challenges and allow them to solve it themselves. They will turn around and thank you in the future.


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