Science Is Not For Big Boys And Girls Only

We learn about science in school,right? Yes, we used to. However science should not be available only for the big boys and girls in schools. Can a toddler or a preschooler pick up science at home? Yes, why not?

My 3-year-old learned a science lesson today. He is learning how to grow a plant from seeds. We set up what we need using an avocado seed, 2 toothpicks, a small glass, green beans, water, saucer and some cottons.

We set up 2 experiments, One with the avocado seed and the other with the green beans. David helped to set up both the experiments. He got so excited that he shared it with his daddy and most of all, he had so much fun working on them. So, what exactly is David learning through these experiments?

Avocado Seed


Plants grow from seeds. One of the earliest science lesson a young child can learn is knowing that plants grow from seeds. What are living things as well as non-living things? What else can a young child learn from these experiments?

Expand the ability to observe a process.  A young child has limited vocabulary. The process adds new words to what he or she already knows. Watching the process with an adult, he or she is learning to observe and talk about the changes that happen as time progresses to the seeds he or she planted. Meanwhile, for a child who is able to write, it teaches that child how to record an entire process.

What the 5 senses can do? While David learns to observe the seeds, at the same time he also learns about his body parts. For example, he sees with his eyes, he touch the seeds and materials with his hands, he smells with his nose and he hears with his ears.

Science is  not for the big boys and girls only. It should be made available to young children early on. There are so much more they can do and learn even at that young age. It’s never too early for them to start science right at home.

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