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Acceleration Program – When Is It Recommended?

What is an acceleration program and when is it recommended? It is a program that allows advanced learners to skip a grade or two in order to meet their needs.

Is your child ready for kindergarten? What if your child is not only ahead and ready for Kindergarten, but is also ready for first or second grade? What do you do? Yes, we are talking about children who are ‘smart cookies’. From within this group of ‘smart cookies’, there are however, some who are exceptional and we call them gifted.

Today, in this article, we address kids who gifted. As parents struggle to place their gifted kids in schools that would meet their needs, however, not all schools are ready to address them. For various reasons, like shortage of trained teachers to challenge our advanced learners, or limited finance to accommodate the needs or simply not willing to advocate for this group of children.

Before enrollment, if you suspect you have a gifted child, or an advanced learner, parents ensure that the school you are enrolling your child to have an acceleration program ready for gifted kids. Most schools only look into assessing a gifted child in first grade. Meanwhile, anywhere below first grade, parents may have to get private testings done themselves. Often, the tests are expensive but comprehensive.

Some schools do not recommend such program because these tests are often expensive and additional resources are not always easily available. Even if schools have this program, often students are tested in groups to reduce costs. As a result, the tests that are administered are often not comprehensive enough to prove helpful to the kids.

When is acceleration program recommended? Any time, you think your child needs one. You are the best advocate for your child. Sometimes, you may have the support from the school but not necessarily always.

If you notice your child daydreams most of the school hours, or disinterest in current class situation, or simply feeling bored in school, you might want to talk to the school and look at the possibility of putting your child in an acceleration program. You never know, that decision you’ve made might just be what your child needs.

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