Learning to read

Learning To Read Is Vital, So Is A Holistic Approach To Learning

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No doubt that learning to read early is important

Learning to read early is important to a child below 5 years of age. Why? The earlier a child learns to read the better. Now imagine, how much a child would know by the age of 5 if he/she reads at the age 2? How much more understanding this child would have gotten if he/she reads early? This is why PWTER exist.

This website is to encourage more parents to come on board. PWTER provides resources that hopefully help parents to be equipped, have an idea how to begin or proceed from where they are. By reading our articles, hopefully, you have an idea what to do next. If you wish to discuss further how PWTER can help, please contact us with your questions. We will give you our suggestions and ideas to help you along. We will gladly help if help is needed.

A child’s development is not all about knowing to read

A child’s development is not simply about learning to read, although, a large part of it is helping a child to develop the ability to learn to read. Every aspect of a child’s development is equally important to that child. Therefore, we choose to focus on the holistic approach toward learning and development. We write articles about various aspects of development, such as fine motors, cognitive, gross motors, social interaction issues, and etc. We kind of encompass as much as we can, every aspects of a child’s life and developmental stages. Holistic approach is the best approach to use. PWTER is a keen advocate of this approach as you can see through our contributions.

We share about David often in our articles because through David’s experiences, we hope to share as much information through his life and hopefully, help any parents along the way. We are glad if you are coming along with us on this journey. If you benefit as the result of this, we feel blessed. Thank you for following our website. Have an awesome week.