Programs David Uses To Help Early Reading


David started using ABC Mouse when he was 18 months old. That was the time he identified several written alphabet letters. He started with upper case letters and then moved on to lower case letters later. I encouraged David to use the program because I thought it would help strengthen what he had already knew then. And true enough, he went further than I initially thought. He went on to learn words from ABC Mouse. That was how I accidentally realized he knew words shortly before he turned 2.

ABC Mouse was one of the media I used to strengthen what he knew then. It had proven¬†absolutely vital to his early reading skill. He took off beautifully with the program and I was delighted to watch his progress. So I would totally recommend this program for young children. It is an awesome program. Get your child to start early using this program if you encourage early reading in your child’s life.


One of the early TV program I encouraged him to watch was PBS. It has Sesame Street, Super Why, Daniel Tiger, Caillou, and others that he still loves and enjoy watching. Another program I encouraged him to watch was Sprout. He loves that too.


I taught David to use YouTube as early as 2. I encouraged him to learn to get into the media and progress to use it independently. YouTube has many programs for very young children. One of his early favorite was Busy Beavers on YouTube. He proceeded to Giggle Bellies to Mother Goose Club, Baby Big Mouth, and others. His favorite of all favorites, is finger family. Are you surprised? Just to side track a little.. Why do all babies love finger family? Oh well..


Grandma bought David many books on his first birthday. Dr. Seuss was her favorite author I believed. If it had not been for her introducing books to David early on, David would not be an early reader, I believe. I tried to read to him as often as I could early on right before bed time. It was our time together, just David and me. I cherished it dearly.

I cannot stress it enough how important reading to your children every night if possible is. It is how they learn to speak and read later on.